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Ages Of Conflict Apk 2023

The Features of the Game

Different epochs of history

Explore and conquer ancient worlds from prehistoric ages to the Middle Ages and beyond.

Real-time strategy and action

 Ages Of Conflict Apk 2023 Engage in real-time battles and strategic warfare with armies of up to 100 men.

Character customization

 Ages Of Conflict Apk 2023 Create your own customizable hero to lead your armies into battle.

Unique items and weapons

Discover powerful and rare items to give your armies an edge in battle Ages Of Conflict Apk 2023.

Gameplay and Controls


Ages of Conflict offers different game modes to suit your playing style. From solo to multiplayer modes, each offers exciting gameplay. Ages Of Conflict Apk 2023 Assemble your army, collect resources, and build your empire to dominate the battlefield.


The game’s controls are intuitive and easy to master. You can move your units and shoot arrows with simple commands. You can also customize the controls to suit your play style.

Characters and Factions

In Ages of Conflict, you can select your own hero, create your own army, and join a faction to fight against other players or the computer. Each hero has unique abilities and can increase in rank after each victory. There are several factions to join, each offering unique play styles, units, and strategies. Choose wisely as your choice will affect your army’s prowess and your gameplay experience.

Game Modes and Maps

Ages Of Conflict Apk 2023
Ages Of Conflict Apk 2023

Game Modes

Choose between different modes such as Campaign, Multiplayer, and Quick Battle. Each mode has its own unique gameplay experience and challenges.


Travel through different maps based on historical regions such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Each map offers a unique experience and different resources to acquire. Strategize your moves and win the battle.

Tips and Strategies



  • Upgrade your hero and troops frequently
  • Keep an eye on your resources and manage them effectively
  • Form strong alliances with other players to dominate the battlefield together
  • Choose the right army to conquer the enemy base
  • Create your own play style according to your hero’s abilities
  • Use your resources strategically to avoid running out of them during a battle

How to Download and Install Ages of Conflict APK

Ages of Conflict is available for download on the Google Play Store. To install, simply search for the game on the store and click on the Install button. Once downloaded, follow the instructions to install the game on your phone. If you want to download the APK, you can find it on any APK hosting website, and then install it manually by following the prompts. Enjoy the game on your device.

Engaging gameplay

Ages of Conflict provides an immersive gaming experience with its exciting gameplay, graphics, and storyline.

Customizable characters and armies

You can customize everything in the game, from your hero to your armies and how you want to conquer the world.

Accessible on mobile devices

Take the excitement of the game with you wherever you go, on your phone or tablet.

Free to play

You can play the game for free and enjoy all the features without paying a single penny.

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