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Hexa Unleashes a New Suite of Startups Revolutionizing SaaS and Blockchain Data Management

In the innovative corridors of Hexa, the Parisian startup incubator formerly known as eFounders, a new generation of startups is taking shape, poised to navigate the intricate realms of SaaS and blockchain data management. Hexa, a conglomerate of startup studios, has announced an eclectic mix of six fledgling enterprises ready to disrupt various industry sectors.

At the helm of this technological wave stands Hexa, a platform that has spawned over 40 startups in the past decade, cementing its position as a crucible of innovation. Hexa’s approach intertwines concept inception with the meticulous selection of founding teams, guiding them through product development to market entry, and eventually, towards operating as independent entities. Notably, Hexa retains a 30% equity stake in these startups post-seed funding, ensuring continued interest and support in their growth trajectory.

Among the latest ventures is Riverflow, birthed from the web3-focused 3founders studio. This data orchestration startup specializes in blockchain data, providing tools for data analysts to fetch, manipulate, and channel information from smart contracts and blockchain transactions to data warehouses or analytics tools. Riverflow exemplifies the new breed of startups that act as the bedrock for the intricate data management required in today’s digitized economy.

Okko emerges as another standout, aiming to streamline the cumbersome procurement processes. In an era where cost optimization is paramount, Okko offers integration with existing systems to modernize and simplify procurement operations, thereby enhancing efficiency and oversight in spend management.

Catalog enters the fray with its innovative SaaS tool for B2B wholesale orders. It reimagines the traditional catalog system, centralizing product information and seamlessly integrating orders into existing ERP systems, thus facilitating smoother transactions and enabling recurring orders and promotions.

RingX, while still under a codename, seeks to revolutionize corporate knowledge sharing by connecting professionals across various industries, fostering a community-driven approach to problem-solving and skill development.

Kiosk, built atop WhatsApp Business, intends to extend the application’s functionality to help companies engage customers more effectively through advanced communication and support features.

Tengo rounds out the sextet with its focus on French public tenders, amalgamating them into a single platform that leverages AI to alert and assist companies in securing governmental contracts.

As Hexa continues to sculpt its legacy with these emerging startups, the tech landscape watches with keen interest, anticipating the transformative impact these companies will have on their respective domains. The studio’s commitment to redefining work through technology remains undiminished, as it nurtures these nascent businesses towards success in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

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